Summer madness

Well I thought I'd heard it all, but obviously I haven't

One of my lovely organists today is going to start a two week cycle ride, the length of the whole country, to raise money for my renovation and new pipes.  Wow!

I'm told he's going from South to North  -  not sure why, but then I've never been on a bike  -  and will play 4 organs on the way.  He's playing my keys here in the Abbey next Thursday evening

All my followers can easily check on his progress.  He's obviously seen how modern I can be and is going to keep a Blog  -  just like I do  -  and put photographs on something called Instagram

How good is that!  And I do hope he will be able to raise lots of money for the work that I need to be done

Now, Dear Follower, what are you going to do to raise £££s for me?

Choir holiday

Now its summer, those lovely people in the choir have a month off and I won't be seeing them again until September

But its a bus-people's holiday for them because last weekend they sang in a beautiful large church in Bristol  -  St Mary Redcliffe.  They sang some of my most favourite music  -  by Stanford, Sumsion and Wood  -  but also some more modern music, although for once not french!

And I'm told the organ there has over 4,000 pipes, 4 keyboards, lots of buttons (which work) and 32 foot stops!  That's over twice as large as me, and its so big there are some pipes they can't use very often in case they are too noisy for visitors.  Mr Nigel was spoilt for choice over which of the many pipes to use first.

But just think how I will sound, in this fantastic building, once I've been renovated and all my missing pipes installed.  I only need another 500 pipes to make all the difference so please keep money coming in to swell the coffers

Organ at St.…
Mid summer again
I don't like the heat.  Despite trying my very best, it saps my energy and I start to run out of wind, so the largest of my lovely pipes don't get enough air to show themselves off properly.

I much prefer it to be raining and damp.  June this year was lovely.  It was one of the very dampest summer months I’ve ever seen.It’s poured with rain.It’s drizzled with mizzle.And the sun took itself off to more welcoming places
People complain when its wet-not me!Whenever it’s wet, all that leather binding all my little motors can breathe again.This lovely Abbey building gets an extra acoustical bounce.And I sound even better than usual.But that's only until they put the heating back on-that’s always bad news for me, and I’d much rather people put jumpers, coats hats and gloves on when visiting, and for the heating to be left off
So here we are in August again.  The hot weather is taking its toll and I can't wait for a damp autumn to come round again!

My faults
Now I know I’m not perfect.People do keep complaining.My little buttons sometimes don’t work (and Mr Brian did get in such a tizz).Notes stick.Notes don’t work.Pipes start to sound like a farmyard
There’s a little book on my shelf where those nice organ players write messages to Mr Gary and he spends ages trying to work out what they mean.But I did recently find a better use for his book-it’s just the right size to hold down one of my keys (A) while the orchestra tuned, and saved one of my players from getting finger cramp!
Well the solution is obvious and as I keep telling you, it’s time that the long- promised work is carried out and, Yeah, next year that is going to happen
Meanwhile Mr Gary says it’s pointless trying to keep fixing my faults, when work is going to be done so soon.He would much prefer to spend his time here on keeping my lovely pipes in tune, and save money for the Abbey
So that’s what’s going to happen.Faults there will be, but my players are going to ha…

More excitement!

Two exciting things happened yesterday and I thought I should share this exciting news with you right away, dear reader
First, the BBC were here recording a couple of clips of my lovely Edwardian tones, to be broadcast on Sunday morning.They are going to interview Mr Nigel about next year’s work, and wanted to include how I actually sound.Of course I tried my very best, especially in music by my favourite composer, Elgar
Then, last night, there was a ceremony to celebrate the signing of the contract with that nice Mr Gary.I looked down on folk thronging the choir stalls, as they heard about all my problems, watched a video tour of my insides (which I thought very interesting, and really showed off all my dust very nicely), heard all about the work next year.  It's even said that I will become even more important once all the work is done
This will be the first major overhaul of all my insides for over 100 years-fancy that
And it will even include the installation of electric swit…
I have fund raising ideas too
News reaches me that folk are doing all sorts of things to raise money for Mr Gary’s work next year.Hurray!
There’s talk of singing hymns and psalms.There are concerts every Wednesday by lots of different talented people.And I even here of someone trying to cycle the length of the country, between two places I’ve never heard of; how daft is that!
Well, I have my own suggestions for fund raising challenges
How about: 1 penny a go (Ed. Hillie hasn’t quite got the hang of post decimalisation money, and still thinks in pounds shillings and of course pence) and guess how many pipes I’ve got Another 1 penny a go, and guess how many pneumatic motors there are in my innards Or, another 1 penny a go, how many little lead tubes do I have Or, another 1 penny a go, let’s see who can pump the most air into my reservoirs (Ed. Hillie forgets the hand pump was dismantled in 1921!) Or, lets have a sponsored dust clean (Ed. not sure about that, as there’s so much dirt and…
The quietest places under the sun
There was another large congregation last weekend.The Shropshire Society in London celebrated the 120th anniversary of its refounding with a service in my Abbey, and I’m told the Society has been in existence since the 1740s
Well, all these people came to celebrate, and did they sing nicely!And the lovely choir sang music by my favourite composers, Smart and Stainer and there was even some Elgar music played on my lovely pipes.I did my very best as usual, and tried soooo hard to make my voice heard while all these people were singing hymns
But my most favourite bit was when the Society’s Vice President read from Shropshire Lad
“Clunton, Clunbury, Clungunford and Clun are the quietest places under the sun” he read, and you could have heard a pin drop
This was written in 1895, around the time when Mr John (Loughborough Pearson) built the lovely extension I sit in.Now I’ve never seen these villages, but I am told they are still the quietest places unde…