Another year
Advent is coming again
I’m stirring up my reservoirs, getting my blowers in good shape, for it’s a time of preparation - for another Christmas and for an exciting year of change
You know I like this time of the year, when it’s damp and not too cold.My pneumatics work well and I sound all the better for it.My friends in the choir are preparing for carol services and folk come from far and wide to sing Mr George’s Messiah
And after Christmas, it will start to get really exciting.I’ve already told you that I will be played by international stars, and my fame will spread even further.Also all the plans for the work on me will start to come together and after Easter it will begin to happen
Yes, another year, but probably the most important for me since 1911

My 108th Birthday
Many happy returns I told myself.No-one else seemed to notice and even my lovely choir friends forgot to sing “Happy Birthday” to me
My very first service was on 17th September 1911.If you buy the Book about Me (I’ve already told you about that) you can see what the Shrewsbury Chronicle said about the service dedicating me to service in this lovely Abbey building.Apparently I have “beautiful soft tone”.Definitely!And that is still the case
And on that day I was only partially complete - and of course that is still the case, and has been so for all my 108 years
The newspaper also spotted that £700 had already been raised towards the expected cost of £850.And do you know it is still the case that a lot of money has already been raised towards the cost of sorting out my wheezing pneumatics, but still more is needed.Mind, I’m not sure how far that £700 would go these days
But yes, I’m now officially in my 109th year.And what a year it’s going to be with lots of exciting thing…
Brick day
Now what is Hillie on about I hear you say
Well the other day we had a whole hoast of young people here, with piles of bricks (the multi-coloured ones with lots of knobbles), building models of me
And there was a brick building expert, Dr Ashley, who was helping things along, but also used some tubes and a sound making machine to demonstrate how the physics of my pipes works.This was fascinating, but I have to say that his plastic tubes didn’t convince me that his pipes would ever sound better than mine, and certainly would not be up to filling my missing spaces
The young people played on with their knobbly bricks, and built some convincing models - probably more like castles and cars than an organ console - before deciding they’d like to play the real thing.So we had young feet on my pedals, levers pressed, my buttons pushed, discordant sounds from my keys (I thought more musical than some of that French music my friends here delight in trying to play) and lovely to see these y…
I’m going international
Now here’s some really exciting news
Next year, before Mr Gary starts his work on me, there are going to be 4 celebrity recitals on me.Yes, my fame is now really spreading for these very famous people to want to come and play me.I am sooooo excited
The first of these recitals is by one of the most promising young organists in the country who in a year’s time will be the organ scholar at Kings College.Then there will be 3 recitals by top organ players used to playing some of the most magnificent organs in the world.There will also be a final recital on Easter Monday at the end of which Mr Nigel is going to switch me off for the last time before Mr Gary and his team arrive to take me apart
I think lots of people will come to Shrewsbury for these fantastic concerts.There could be queues all the way to the River Severn!And they will all be free - not even an old or new penny needed to get in; but of course we will be asking everyone to be generous and give money toward…
A book about me!
Yes, I’m going to be even more famous than I already am, because there is soon going to be a book about me!
Because of all the work that there’s going to be next year, Mr Nigel has looked into dusty files and envelopes to see what he can find out about Mr William’s plans and the changes that have been made since I was installed in 1911
He’s even found out a little more about the old organ that was in this lovely building for the 105 years before me.Now here’s a secret, and I’m not telling (yet!).As you know, Mr William called me 2412.That’s my official Job Number, and I know that because it’s stamped on to my timbers in various places.Mr William said that he would re-use some pipes from the older organ when he made me.I’m the only one that knows whether or not he was able to do that, but next year, my secret will be revealed

But other secrets are no longer quite so secret.In a vault in the nearby Cadbury library (I thought Cadbury just made chocolate, so how wrong was tha…
My Summer
I know you are wondering when I would be adding to my famous personal blog
Well here I am again.I’ve been enjoying my summer, thinking ahead to everything that’s going to happen over the next year and, yes, planning what to say next to you my dear followers
And over the next year, a lot is planned to happen, as you will see as I add more stories to my blog
But the most important message of all is that money is flowing in to my renovation fund.My friends are working very hard on this, but still more is needed.The work Mr Gary is doing next year is nearly funded, but then we are going to have to raise more if those extra missing pipes are finally to be added - into what Mr William in 1911 described as “space” but which no-one has yet been able to fill
So, dear friends, please keep spreading the message about how important this work is to me and my beautiful historic building.When I am finally completed, and working properly, many people will come just to hear my lovely music and to…
Summer madness

Well I thought I'd heard it all, but obviously I haven't

One of my lovely organists today is going to start a two week cycle ride, the length of the whole country, to raise money for my renovation and new pipes.  Wow!

I'm told he's going from South to North  -  not sure why, but then I've never been on a bike  -  and will play 4 organs on the way.  He's playing my keys here in the Abbey next Thursday evening

All my followers can easily check on his progress.  He's obviously seen how modern I can be and is going to keep a Blog  -  just like I do  -  and put photographs on something called Instagram

How good is that!  And I do hope he will be able to raise lots of money for the work that I need to be done

Now, Dear Follower, what are you going to do to raise £££s for me?